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2 day Workshop und Presentation Training

Presentations offer the perfect opportunity to convince and inspire other people. But what makes a good presentation? How do we turn good ideas into gripping stories? How do we design slides that stick instead of confusing or putting our audience to sleep? How do I perform safely and captivate my audience?

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What you will learn…

Goal of the seminar

In the intensive training Pitching & Presenting you learn to combine gripping storytelling and clear design with a convincing appearance. Afterwards you will not only present better, but also have more fun convincing people of your ideas.

The training is just as relevant for creative people of all kinds as it is for consultants and project managers - everyone who has to present or wants to do it better.

No special previous knowledge is necessary - both senior and junior team members learn new approaches and methods and sharpen their skills.

All participants are asked to bring a face mask and of course we will comply with the hygiene and distance rules on site.

Course Topics.
  • Pitches
  • Presentations
  • Storytelling
  • Dramaturgy
  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote
  • Rhetoric
  • Confidence

Course Details

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Who can benefit?
  • Designer
  • Creative
  • Consultant
  • Project Manager

Was wir lernen

  1. Content

    The first part of the is about the contents. What makes a good presentation? How do I manage to turn my idea into a gripping story? We develop a dramaturgy for our pitch and learn to captivate our counterparts. They learn how to spin a red thread that runs through the pitch until the last second.

  2. Design

    Clear presentation design helps our pitches to have more power and effect. Thanks to scientific findings from the psychology of perception and clear design principles, you will learn to create presentations that not only look good, but also stick. Whether with Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi or any other tool - with this knowledge your presentations

  3. Appearance

    In the last part we learn to perform safely and to have fun while doing so. How do I captivate my counterpart? What do I do with my hands? When do I take breaks? How do I deal with nervousness? Through the targeted use of gestures, facial expressions and language you learn to present in a lively manner and to inspire your audience.

Your coach

  • Creative Director & Communication Coach

    Benjamin Apfelbaum

    Benjamin Apfelbaum is a communication coach and freelance creative from Berlin. With almost 20 years of experience in the communications industry, he has worked as creative director of leading German digital and brand agencies. He is a BDVT and BCTP certified trainer and works for the Art Directors Club in Germany, the Tomorrow Academy in Austria and selected companies.

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Note on the seminar program

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we have taken the classroom courses out of the program. However, we can offer individual trainings and workshops online upon request. For more information, please visit the course detail pages. Stay safe and healthy!

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